Workshops & Programs


The perfect combination of leadership mindset and skillset to create "Training that doesn't feels like training."


DISC: Be the Best You

The best part about DISC is that it gives you permission to be YOU.  Learn the basics of the model, learn how to leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses based on a PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT, and walk away with action plans for addressing the 3 main conflicts DISC can help you navigate.


EQ: Lead Your Emotions

Emotions come with us wherever we go. As leaders, our job is not to ignore them but get smart about them. EQ expert Daniel Goleman credits emotional intelligence for 90% of the difference between star performers and average ones.  Join us to learn more about yourself and how to improve your EQ with a PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT and workshop.


Re-imagine the Spectrum of Leadership

Leadership is more than just a buzz word, but what exactly is it?

In this workshop we will define leadership, identify the most desireable leadership characteristics, and explore the balance between paradoxical spectrums of leadership necessary for success.


Finish: Give Yourself The Gift of Done

It is time to finish, folks. In this workshop, based on Jon Acuff’s book Finish, we deliver the 3 hacks to accomplishment and 3 hijacks tripping you's basically the cheat codes to goal achievement. Let’s kill perfectionism, eliminate our clever hiding places, apply helpful hacks, and make work FUN. 


Lead Better [virtual] Meetings

All meetings need to have a clear purpose, but virtual meetings need a little more effort and follow up.


Drop The Mic

Learn how to give presentations that WOW your boss and/or an entire crowd of people. 


Mindfully Managing Chaos

We manage more today than ever before, learn how to manage the chaos with a few new tips and tricks.


Conversational Management

Equip Your Managers to Coach, Develop, & Lead
High Performance Teams.


"Mark, our facilitator's knowledge and great presentation skills made all the difference in the world. The open conversations while keeping the session on track kept the room engaged. "

— Tom

"The training was professional yet comfortable. It was full of open discussion and personal examples for presenting experience. Mark masterfully uses the participant's stories to teach the material and make it come alive. "

— Sarah

"Coaching helped me navigate a relationship conflict I was having. My coach, Mark always kept my goals in mind and provided me with clear action steps. I left each session with encouragement and direction! "

— Payton

"I was very impressed with the coaching I received because it did such a thorough job of assessing what I wanted to accomplish and at the same time finding out my core beliefs. After accomplishing this we were able to construct the most appropriate direction I needed to go to be fulfilled with my career goals. "

— Robb

"I worked directly with Mark. He was an integral part of my job search. He meticulously critiqued my resume and provided feedback that enhanced the final product. Not only did Mark improve my resume and cover letter, but he took the time to discuss the application process and gave me great advice for future interviews. I would recommend Mark for anyone that is trying to make a professional resume and cover letter! "

— Hannah

"Thank you so much for you time yesterday! I feel confident saying that we all benefited greatly from the DISC training you provided us. I'm excited to use this new information to strengthen our communication and work relationships. "

— Emma

"The entire strategic planning exercise was incredible. The entire group thought you were made of, poof! And thanks!"