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No business is short on good ideas & intentions, but EXECUTION is the difference maker.


Let Us Help You Get Traction On Your Best Ideas

Strategy & Implementation

You have ideas.  We make them reality.  With all the good ideas inside your team's head, it's near impossible to get them all out and even harder to sort them into actionable items.  It's amazing what a whiteboard session can do for organizing thoughts in a way that unified action can be taken.  We have upgraded from the "drawn on a napkin" days to big beautiful whiteboards for all to see. Our clients regularly ask us to work our "Whiteboard Magic."

With our proven Framework for Change process and Simple Strategic Plan, we can help your business identify key issues, growth areas, and future planning.  We believe each strategy session benefits from a team conversation, agreed-upon direction, and ongoing accountability. We facilitate conversations around purpose, vision, and strategic initiatives to increase buy-in and improve implementation.

Let Us Work Our "Whiteboard Magic"


Healthy culture is a combination of Results & Relationships.  The realities of striking a balance between the two for a  workplace culture can be extremely daunting. We realize that you are the expert at what you do...GETTING RESULTS. Caring for employees and curating culture are typically not KPIs we measure.  Our goal is to help you take care of your people while you take care of business.  The good news: You can have both results and relationships.

Every company is uniquely different.  We start by assessing culture, identifying key areas of focus, and then set a plan for improving those areas.  According to Gallup research when organizations invest in relationships, they see a return on investment through results like 147% higher earnings and...

  • 87% reduction in turnover

  • 57% more effort

  • 41% fewer accidents

  • 41% fewer defects

  • 37% lower absenteeism


Results & Relationships...I WANT BOTH!

Leadership, Management, and Accountability


"How did you learn how to be a good leader?"  Most people can't answer that question.  Just like we find ourselves saying and doing things like our parents (things we said we would never say or do), we inherit our ideas of leadership and management from whoever we saw lead or manage.  Unfortunately, most of us weren't lucky enough to learn what GOOD leadership looks like.

Believe it or not; there are specific and measurable skillsets that lead to effective leadership and management.  The hard part is learning and implementing these skills on an organization-wide level. We use a variety of tools including Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to effectively measure your managers and increase effectiveness.  EOS asserts that the simple equation of good leadership skills combined with intentional management skills leads to accountability.  Simply put L+M=A.

L+M=A...Make the Math Work for You!

Additional Tools & Resources

DISC Reports

EQ Assessments

Culture Surveys


360 Development

Stress Factors

Cost of Turnover

Driving Forces

Conversational Management

"The entire strategic planning exercise was incredible. The entire group thought you were made of, poof! And thanks!"


"The training was professional yet comfortable. It was full of open discussion and personal examples for presenting experience. Mark masterfully uses the participant's stories to teach the material and make it come alive. "

— Sarah

"Coaching helped me navigate a relationship conflict I was having. My coach, Mark always kept my goals in mind and provided me with clear action steps. I left each session with encouragement and direction! "

— Payton

"I was very impressed with the coaching I received because it did such a thorough job of assessing what I wanted to accomplish and at the same time finding out my core beliefs. After accomplishing this we were able to construct the most appropriate direction I needed to go to be fulfilled with my career goals. "

— Robb

"I worked directly with Mark. He was an integral part of my job search. He meticulously critiqued my resume and provided feedback that enhanced the final product. Not only did Mark improve my resume and cover letter, but he took the time to discuss the application process and gave me great advice for future interviews. I would recommend Mark for anyone that is trying to make a professional resume and cover letter! "

— Hannah

"Thank you so much for you time yesterday! I feel confident saying that we all benefited greatly from the DISC training you provided us. I'm excited to use this new information to strengthen our communication and work relationships. "

— Emma

"Mark, our facilitator's knowledge and great presentation skills made all the difference in the world. The open conversations while keeping the session on track kept the room engaged. "

— Tom

Business Consulting

Businesses need focused attention in areas other than P&L.  We can identify those places and improve that bottom line.